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Submersible Cables

Olive Cables are one of the most exclusive Submersible Cable Manufacturers.The PVC Isolated& Sheathed 3 core flat Submersible Wires that we pacts are ideal for usage in submersible pumps in deep wells for irrigation, supply of water consumption, industries and mines.

Our company is the manufacturer of a wide range of Submersible Flat wires that are designed as per As per BI.S.(ISI mark). The Submersible 3 Core Flat / Round Cables are amongst our finest products accessible to the customers. Sheathed flat Submersible Cables are made from optimistic electrolyticcopper grade and anappropriate care is taken to make sure their utmost flexibility and uniform resistance.

All our Submersible Cables are highly sturdy and we provide these to our customer's at the supreme competitive prices, which are the superlative in the arcade as compared to the prices offered by our rivals.

Nominal Area of Conductor (Sq. mm)

Number/ Dia of Wire (mm)


3c x 22/.3


3c x 36/.3


3c x 56/.3


3c x 84/.3


3c x 140/.3